Some not-so-interim concerns | Business Line

Some not-so-interim concerns | Business Line

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  1. Problems of Indian banking sector have grown much deeper than issues relating to capital adequacy and NPAs. RBI may not be able to hold on a thorough restructuring of banking system any longer, if a total collapse is to be avoided. This thought comes in the context of the suggestion that weaker banks would have to veer to narrow banking. RBI should go for wholesale restructuring of the banking system simultaneously with the issue of new bank licences. The reference to Centre’s treatment of RBI pensioners in the penultimate paragraph may not be clear to readers outside RBI and Finance Ministry. The word brutality itself could be perceived as mild as the issue is stifling of a fully funded pension scheme being administered by RBI with the approval of GOI, by finance ministry for reasons of administrative expediency for almost two decades now. M G Warrier, Thiruvananthapuram


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