Lok Sabha passes Telangana Bill - Moneylife

Lok Sabha passes Telangana Bill - Moneylife

My online comments posted on February 19, 2014:

By now, it is clear to the people of India that when it
comes to major issues of national concern, the two national level political
parties, namely Congress and BJP can come together and rescue each other. This
has been proved last when they ‘resolved’ Telengana issue in the Lok Sabha on
February 18, 2014. If these two parties formalise this temporary ‘living
together’ relationship, the country will benefit. Economy of scale demands
The parties should move forward and fight the 2014 LS Poll
on a common platform. The broad areas of a pre-election alliance could be:
Go by the norms suggested by Rahul Gandhi and P
Chidambaram while selecting candidates. Rahul Gandhi has suggested in the last
AICC meeting that fifty per cent of the candidates fighting 2014 Election
should be below 35 years of age. Chidambaram is for fifty percent women
candidates. As the two categories need not be mutually exclusive, both should
be accommodated.
To ensure that AAP does not spoil the show, for this
one election deny tickets to candidates who can be even remotely identified as
‘dynasty’, ‘corrupt’ or ‘with criminal background’
As there has already been mutual agreement on issues
like nuclear deal, New Pension System, Secularism, Black Money, States
Reorganisation, passing of Lok Pal Bill etc. put together a Common Minimum
As the only dispute could be on number of positions
available for distribution, agree to bifurcate larger states and think of
doubling the number of members in legislatures for which purpose a National
Commission could be appointed even before the Elections 2014 process commences.
M G Warrier, Thiruvananthapuram


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