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Online comments posted on March 5, 2014:

The concerns and anxieties expressed here about ‘selective approach’ by a
political party which came into being based on certain principles that
aam aadmi respected are genuine. My personal view is that Kejriwal’s
assertion that ‘AAP is a message and not yet a political party in the
sense the words are now understood’ should be respected. Other forums
and platforms should follow up (or dispute) the initiatives by AAP on an
ongoing basis. This includes supplementing the efforts of AAP in
exposing corruption and unethical practices. Excerpts from(the unedited
version of) my article on AAP published in The Global ANALYST, February
2014 relevant in this context copied below:

“The Indian Aam Aadmi has asserted his right to make his voice heard,
thanks to the conduit provided by AAP. Let us not compel AAP to show the
results they apparently promised. Now, it is the turn of the common
man(Famously referred to as “WE THE PEOPLE” in the preamble of the
Constitution of India) to organise, wherever they are, and force the
legislature, executive and the judiciary at all levels to uphold the
spirit of the Constitution and bring back ethics and morality to

If Aam Aadmi and the BPL(Businessmen-Politician-Lawyers) Combine which
is managing the show in Delhi take the message sent out by AAP through
the medium of broomstick seriously, and act in a proactive manner,
during the short period left for Elections, 2014, several stages of
pre-stabilisation experiments of India Growth Story can be skipped.
Here, all political parties(Right, Left and Centre) have a
responsibility to participate. Time is running out.”

M G Warrier


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