Four challenges for new government: Rajan - The Hindu

Four challenges for new government: Rajan - The Hindu

The observation by RBI Governor: “Growth,
fiscal deficit, current account deficit and inflation — these are the four
biggest macro-economic challenges and we have to work on all of them. They are
all inter-related,” in response to the question about the main tasks for the
new government, encapsulates the concerns bothering RBI.
A change of guard in New Delhi is
an opportunity to ‘stop, look and proceed’ on all policy issues affecting
India’s future. As BJP leadership has already expressed its intention to bank
on professionalism and expertise, media should not nag Dr Rajan about his
continuance. He has the potential to remain at Mint Road for another decade. In
less than 9 months, Dr Rajan has prepared a ready to use roadmap for reviving
the financial sector and economic growth, which should not be ignored by the
new government. 
M G Warrier


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