RBI’s role in Modi government - Moneylife

RBI’s role in Modi government - Moneylife

Online comments posted on May 28, 2014:

MG Warrier says:

I am posting this comment a
week after this article has been online. The pre-Election apprehensions
about post-Election scenario have given way to cautious optimism
factoring in the possibilities emerging from a stable government. So
far, the indications are that Modi Government believes in the strength
of the institutions in India to carry out their mandated
responsibilities. Though the political leadership had shown signs of
weakness or symptoms of ill-health occasionally, by and large bodies
like Election Commission, CAG, RBI, Judiciary at higher levels, Defence
Forces, Scientific Community and the bureaucracy in India have a history
of consistent mature performance, irrespective of the permutations and
combinations in coalition governments at Centre aand States. Modi’s
stance so far is congenial for smooth functioning of institutions
responsible to uphold the mandate of Indian Constitution.


K S Mani Iyer said…
Nice observations Shri Warrier about the various functional stems of our Indian governance. Greetings.

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