Differentiated banks: has their time come? - The Hindu

Differentiated banks: has their time come? - The Hindu
 Online comments posted on July 28, 2014:

The need of the hour is a comprehensive overhaul of the structure supporting financial services including those coming under ‘banking’. Where possible existing weak arms like cooperatives and remaining Regional Rural Banks should be helped out by redefining their roles and strengthening their capabilities. Going on borrowing new ideas from developed world will look attractive initially, but their possibility of ‘growing in the Indian soil’ should be studied first. These thoughts seem to have been factored in in the recent RBI initiatives, if one considers the anxieties about big banks, talk about increasing banking network in rural areas and the concern for financial inclusion together. What is missing is the will to use the existing structure and to look at financial services in entirety in the Indian context.
  M G Warrier, Mumbai


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