Letters: Theory and practice | Business Standard Opinion

Letters: Theory and practice | Business Standard Opinion


Theory and practice

This refers to your editorial
“From wish list to strategy”(July 10). The need to ensure some relationship
between election promises and economic planning once mandated to govern and the
benefit of introducing transparency in assumptions and projections in Economic
Survey so that Budget when presented would be better appreciated have been well
explained. The suggestions for reforming the Economic Survey are apt.
Generally, the huge pile of
papers(those who have seen only ‘soft’ copies, excuse) presented in the form of
Economic Survey and Budget Documents which are produced in ‘secrecy’ does not
mean much to the common man beyond some price and cost rises and increase in
expenditure on account of taxes and other levies.
Think of a day when the Economic
Survey gives a realistic account of the ‘wish list’ of the people who voted the
government to power and giving a brief account of sources and possible uses of
funds available explains the extent to which efforts have been made to meet the
aspirations and why some demands have to wait and why others get priority over
them. To make this possible, planning has to be taken to the grass-root level.  
Government should resist the
temptation to show  immediate results of
reforms as is now being demanded by the previous FM Chidambaram as governance
is much more than political debate.

M G Warrier, Mumbai
*Submitted version


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