Humane, effective medical care beyond intensive care - The Hindu

Humane, effective medical care beyond intensive care - The Hindu


I have no comments, except that, if the following excerpt from Dr BM Hegde's article scares you please use the link provided and read...and think about the concern expressed!

M G Warrier

"....His introduction, something on these lines, startled me: “Future hospitals will only be intensive care units, and out-patients will all die a natural death. We need thousands of ICU [intensive care unit] nurses. They cannot be trained in a nursing school as there are no patients for them to train on. I have this project to train them on mannequins instead of on patients. We have a group to manufacture these, and then we can sell them for a relatively cheap price in India. Let this body have the pleasure of associating itself with this laudable project for the future of mankind.”
The wise chairman and vice-chairman agreed with him totally, and without any further discussion the required funds were granted as the doctor had to leave quickly. He had got what he wanted......".


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