The new name of planning - The Hindu

The new name of planning - The Hindu


analysis, in general, with the exception of Hindu group(yes, I have the
Frontline articles also in mind) so far had not gone deep into the rationale of
the revamp of Planning Commission, which in reality has come about as part of
the reform process which India is undergoing. This article is a continuation of
the Hindu initiative. The concluding paragraph(excerpts copied below) which
recalls “Aa no bhadrah cratavo yantu vishwatah”(Let noble thoughts come to me
from all sides) through Gandhi’s quote says it all:
“The abolition of the Yojana Aayog and its
replacement by Niti Aayog by the new government is a bold and long overdue
initiative. ***  *** The discussion of
India in a global context also reminds one of Gandhiji’s sayings: “Let the
windows of my mind be open to winds from across the world, but let me not be
blown away by them.” Like all new institutions, it will be a challenging job
for Niti Aayog to fulfil its high objectives”.

M G Warrier, Thiruvananthapuram


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