TCS slams rumours of large lay-offs | Business Standard News

TCS slams rumours of large lay-offs | Business Standard News

Tatas are renowned for
best HR practices and the controversy about large scale lay off or termination
will, hopefully be a passing phase which TCS will be able to take in its

The larger issue is
totally unscientific and ethically unacceptable Human Resource Management
practices in India which have cropped up because of or as part of reforms
across government and public/private sector organisations during the last two
decades and being accepted by employers and employees as a necessary ingredient
of economic development. These include uprooting of an existing pension scheme
for government and public sector employees( the substitute National Pension
System has none of the social security features of the traditional pension
schemes), the hire and fire approach to recruitment even in sensitive
positions, total disregard to the skill requirements while making recruitment(engineers
and doctors add MBA to their CV and compete for highly paid jobs which need
only a XII Class pass!), absence of transparent career progression plans,
absence of relationship between skill needs and remuneration, scant respect for
some relativity in compensation packages for identical jobs and a pick and
choose approach when it comes recruitment and succession plans at higher

Central government should
cause a high level expert study about HRMD in government and public and private
sector organisations and take a view to make necessary changes in legislations
and policy guidance to bring some order in the chaos into which India’s
workforce has been pushed today. The present situation cannot be remedied by
sporadic labour law reforms or judicial intervention as is happening in this

M G Warrier,



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