EPW's influence

Business Standard, September 26, 2016


EPW’s influence

I read TCA Srinivasa-Raghavan's article, "Politics, patronage and intellect" (September 24) with great interest. Among other things, the writer argues that the journalEconomic and Political Weekly (EPW) has a disproportionately Left influence on public discourse. He adds that support from public institutions benefited the publication, with adverse consequences to public interest.

I agree that EPW exercised a strong influence on discussions in Indian universities and several seminars and conferences. In many ways, this is a reflection of the failure of the right ideology to assert itself, let alone build up a journal. The right-wing ideology has been almost apologetic since the virtual demise of the Swatantra Party.

EPW's influence is also an acknowledgement of the dedication and quality of the editorial team that lasted several decades. More often than not, I disagreed with its views, but I never missed understanding and benefiting from them.

It is a tribute to the public institutions that they did not take adverse note of criticism of the government policy of the day. Making of public policy as well as its understanding needs and benefits from the expression of diversity of views.

I am confident EPW will continue to have influence, but I only hope that such influence will be challenged in due course by a journal that can advocate the contrarian view.
Y Venugopal Reddy, Hyderabad


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