The unbearable loneliness of a privileged life: Part 2

The unbearable loneliness of a privileged life: Part 2: The urban man is as lonely as the woman and they see it as an embarrassing failure...

Random excerpts (not representative of content!):

"As the number of conversations grew over the fortnight, I realised two aspects of male loneliness. One, it was definitely an age-related thing — 20 and 30-somethings responded only to troll me. Men are not lonely, they emphasised. Most people who confessed to it were between 40 and 50; they had incredible resum├ęs, presumably successful careers. The second facet of loneliness in men was that they seemed to see it as a failure, as something to be ashamed about. The women who signed up for salsa classes and trekking groups said they did it in the hopes of finding friends. Men who signed up for running and cycling groups said they did that in order to have something to do, not necessarily someone to meet. “Well, if I met someone, that would be a bonus. So far I’ve been unsuccessful,” confessed one."

Online comments:

Read Parts 1 and 2 with interest...From the comments, and by an intuitive perception, one gets an impression that BLink is not getting the readership it deserves, if you go by the content of the publication...I do not have a suggestion on hand...Still, would like to go on record that The Hindu (all Hindu publications) need to be a little more aggressive in improving outreach and readership. To start with, like Frontline is now doing, sister publications could be used to give some publicity aboutthe content of publications like BLink...

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