Make the job of legislators "full time"
November 14, 2017
Make legislator’s job “full time”

This refers to the report “Cong MP to defend Minister in High Court” (The Hindu, November 14). The disgrace emanating from the political implications of a congress leader defending a minister whom the local congress party is trying to get ousted will be discussed by media for long. The Lawyer MP has been trying to defend his action taking shelter under the argument that he differentiates profession from politics! Let the lawyers and politicians amicably settle their problems in due course.
With more and more professionals trying their luck in politics, time is opportune to debate whether elected legislators should be allowed to consider their job as legislators as “part time” and return to their main profession as advocate, actor or consultant whenever a ‘call’ comes. It would be appropriate to make relevant conduct rules applicable to government employees in regard to acceptance of ‘outside’ assignments to legislators who accept salary, perks and other facilities from government. Some relaxations may be necessary only for celebrities nominated to Parliament.

M G Warrier, Thiruvananthapuram


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