GOI to face the music from Mint Road

GOI to face the music from Mint Road

December 17, 2018

Sane suggestions

This refers to Tamal Bandopadhyay’s open letter to the RBI governor (Banker’s Trust, December 17). The excellent letter which contains sane suggestions which can double up as a ‘Note for Pad’ for further thinking for Shaktikanta Das doesn’t need my endorsement for its timeliness and quality of content.
Close familiarity with RBI is an additional asset Shaktikanta Das has, as compared to his earlier IAS-predecessors, which will reduce the ‘familiarization process’ in RBI to the minimum. This should keep Delhi prepared to listen to RBI’s language spoken by ‘their man’ by the time the year 2019 dawns.
Destiny has brought Shaktikanta Das back to a position which carries responsibility and challenges which can earn him a distinct place in Indian History (being a post-graduate in history is not a disadvantage as gossip-mongers speculate!) if luck remains with him in the coming years. 
RBI as an institution has a tradition of remaining solidly behind Governors who understood RBI’s mandated role and assumed social responsibilities. I G Patel, Bimal Jalan and Raghuram Rajan could take RBI to higher levels during their tenures using this inherent strength in the institution’s manpower.
Shaktikanta Das is a good listener. With his interest in music and a performing musician Dr Viral Acharya as his deputy, who can perform without fear or favour, now it is going to be GOI’s turn to face the music.
M G Warrier, Thiruvananthapuram


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