My response to a phone call: Some 'GIFT IDEAS'

My response to a phone call: Some 'GIFT IDEAS'

My Dear…
Many thanks for your appreciation of my work and the encouraging words you spoke.
This year, I've published 6 books in 10 editions. Some of them (in eBook version) are available free for download for Amazon members. I have made available print copies of books on RBI/Indian Economy free to several opinion-makers who generally get books free and can't afford to buy every book they are expected to read. They include Modi, Kejriwal Ex-Governors/Dy Governors of RBI, media persons etc (more than 100 of them).
I've not given any copy free to relatives/businessmen (so, you didn't get)
I can gift you a 'gift idea':
"Buy some copies of the print edition of some of my books online from Amazon and gift a book to each of your close relatives or clientele who may be interested in further gifting it without opening..."
This !dea is free. Still, it can change my life!
Best Wishes
M G Warrier


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