Cultivating detachment is expensive

Cultivate detachment - I'm detached! 
I'm not sure whether this link will open and allow you to read the piece. The Hindu internet edition is also (like Business Standard) subscription-based now. Last few days, when I open articles at Hindu website display saying that "you have read (this many) articles out of 10 this month" has been appearing. When I opened this article the site tells me "...10 out of 10 articles..." That means I have to subscribe, if I decide to read one more article from The Hindu. I'm totally detached from The Hindu after reading this article and decided to wait for the next month to start at The Hindu. Here I remember a story:
I was Lead District Officer for 5 districts including Kozhikode. The person heading the District Industries Centre Mr Baby (I don't remember the real name which I don't want to disclose. I'm sure it was not Baby) was newly transferred from Thiruvananthapuram to Kozhikode. While returning by train we both happened to be in the same AC 3 tier compartment. Abruptly Baby said this:
"I'm averse to accepting bribe. But when I have to allow my family to remain in Thiruvananthapuram and work here... This train ticket was booked by someone in Kozhikode who is expecting some favor from me...I think such small things are okay"
That was the side-effect of first time bribe.
I'm also in two minds. Next time if my daughter offers to arrange online subscription for The Hindu, I may not resist! Am I attached or detached? GOK.

M G Warrier


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