My friends in Reserve Bank of India: S D Lourdez

S D Lourdez

Shri Savarimuthu Devasahayam Lourdez Pillai (S D Lourdez), then aged 53 plus was my batch-mate when I joined RBI, Thiruvananthapuram as Clerk Grade II (Temporary) in 1968.
Lourdez was the first and only clerk who appeared on his first day in Thiruvananthapuram RBI dressed in full suit. A cream-coloured loose coat and a red tie. That was his second incarnation in RBI. 
For personal reasons, Lourdez had to take early retirement while working as Sub-Accountant (first level in officer's grade) in Bank's Madras Office. Lourdez had a family to maintain, there was no pension scheme and the entire retirement benefits he received got exhausted in settling the "personal reasons" (read indebtedness) which reportedly had resulted in his forced ouster from Bank's service.
Reserve Bank of India being a benevolent employer, sympathetically considered a request from Lourdez for reappointment in the lowest grade and accommodated him against a clerical vacancy in Thiruvananthapuram office. Perhaps, considering the possible embarrassment in reappointing him at the entry level in the same office where he worked for over 30 years, RBI offered him a job in nearby Thiruvananthapuram branch.
Lourdez looked much older than his age as per records. But he could mingle with us who were younger to him by 30 or more years. A jovial person, he didn't let anyone in Thiruvananthapuram know his personal problems or the circumstances in which he landed there. He rented a small house in walkable distance from office and brought his family. 
During the short period of service during his second innings in RBI, he got confirmed and got promoted as Clerk Grade I before again 'retiring' from service.
Why Lourdez with whom I had a short period friendship till early 1970's and had no contact since then came to my mind now? Mind travels unbridled...Let go.
M G Warrier


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