Stolen from Canteen

Some possessions are hard to part with- A touching nostalgic story 

Two things came to my mind.
One, somewhere in my Thiruvananthapuram house (we are in Mumbai now), there's a leather money purse gifted to my father by someone during 1950's or 1960's. On the purse it's written in ink: 4/25. May be Rs4.25 and the person who bought it might have purchased it after "Naya Paisa" became popular.
Two, when we were in Chennai RBI during 1960's for a training, while taking coffee from RBI Canteen, I noticed that the steel davara and 'glass' in which coffee was served, the words "RBI canteen'l ninnu thirudiyathu' (stolen from RBI Canteen) were engraved.

M G Warrier


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