Restructuring Indian tax system : Media Response

February 13, 2023 Restructuring Indian tax system Your editorial "Closing the gaps" (The Hindu Business Line, February 13) could easily double up as an introduction to a background note for a national debate on restructuring Indian tax system. Both the treasury side and the opposition benches across legislative bodies in Centre and states need to sit back and do some homework to find some way out from the present stalemate. Present pattern is, even before discussion on central and state budgets begin, the opposition opposes new taxes and increase in the existing taxes, governments succumbing to pressure drops some new taxes and dilute rise in taxes and some mutual blames continue about low tax recovery. Opposition uses the end result for continuing the grievances about inadequate budget provisions in priority areas. A proactive opposition should participate in the budget debates, suggesting alternative tax avenues and taking their fight straight to the tax-evaders' portico. This is not to reduce the significance of broadening the tax base or improving the tax recovery efforts using incentives and disincentives. M G Warrier Mumbai


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