Dreams Onam Celebrations October 8, 2023

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Monday, October 9, 2023 Friends Onam Celebration @ Dreams Complex where we stay was yesterday. A report : Dreams Complex Onam Celebration 2023 (Geeta Hall, Bhandup October 8, 2023) Dreams Malayalees have been celebrating Onam Festival in a befitting manner for about a decade now. After the break imposed by the pandemic, there was some hesitation this year when resuming the celebration was mooted in private discussion among youngsters during the Onam season. Response was encouraging, but the attendance at the first meeting of likeminded members in the clubhouse was thin. The WhatsApp group formed to move forward did the trick. When used creatively, social media can do wonders. Here's the proof. These days, arranging a function in a manner tailor-made to fit in to your requirements is easy by entrusting the work to experts. May be little expensive. But for Malayalees celebrating Onam Festival is a community event organised and conducted by the participants. Team Dreams took over and decided to outsource work only where unavoidable. Trapped in-house talent for arranging stage programs for two hours. Even for preparing the grand Sadya which is an integral part of Onam Celebration only cooks were from outside the Dreams Family. The two hours cultural program comprising songs, dances and traditional "Kaikottikkali" provided sumptuous entertainment. It was followed by the arrival of "Mahabali"and a grand Sadya. The credit goes as much to those who performed on the stage as to those who worked day and night for weeks behind the stage. Congratulations to the Dreams Malayalee Family. https://youtu.be/wvG5XRaRQYA?feature=shared https://youtu.be/tZgJcphAbgk?feature=shared M G Warrier


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