Warrier's Collage on Thursday October 12, 2023

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Thursday, October 12, 2023 Friends As the service provider has informed me that Collage is growing too big for them to handle, nowadays you are getting my messages in bits and pieces. I'm avoiding sharing of links and content received from some of you also. Incidentally the service provider's teasing has come as a blessing for me. Though I have written essays on "When to stop", when it comes to things I have started, (keep it to yourself) I have been finding application of break a little tough. I thought the pandemic had helped me out of reading and writing, at least publishing. But certain addictions stay with us like our shadow. When there's little light it reappears. Now I am working on my 2023 book. M G Warrier A My response published in the current issue of Without Reserve* : "I retired from the Bank in 2003. Post- retirement I changed residences many times. Still, the print edition of the April-June 2023 issue of Without Reserve was promptly delivered yesterday at my present residence. No words to express my gratitude to RBI. The house journal which had not many peers when it had its humble beginning as a 30 plus page magazine decades ago has bagged many prizes on the way and grown in every sense. Despite constraints, the editorial team has never compromised on content, quality or timelines for publication. One remains awe-struck by the variety of content and space distribution among the members of RBI family in the age group of 5 to 90 plus. Yes, C V Subbaraman, whose poem "Hopes of A Better Tomorrow" appears on page 61 of the issue, is a nonagenarian. Shri M G Warrier (Retd)" *Copy shared by S K Gupta ExRBI B Media Response The Hindu Business Line October 11, 2023 Letters Mental health services* This refers to the short article "Mental health services should be affordable" (The Hindu Business Line, October 11). This is a timely reminder. Of late, from Neonatology to Geriatric Care, almost all specialities with the exception of mental healthcare are getting attention from the policy makers and social groups. Reason for the neglect is glaringly apparent : The real victims are not represented anywhere where decisions are made. Unlike till few decades ago, mental health issues are not confined to children or the aged. As rightly brought out in the article, mental health issues have become a common problem requiring solution, similar to lifestyle diseases like diabetes with more serious consequences for the patient and the family. Creating more awareness, making facilities for consultation and therapy more accessible and affordable, removing the veil of secrecy and closer monitoring of individuals with odd behaviours are all measures that should become talking points among policy makers at appropriate platforms. M G Warrier Mumbai *Not published C Feast of St Vincent de Paul* Where ever he went he found poor folk all around, This made his head turn round and around. He decided to deal with the matter, He got those who could to serve food to the poor on a platter. He went further than this, He got the well to do to provide the needy with rations for the month which filled them with bliss. St Vin cent collected old clothes and other items needed by the poor, He got the well off to always keep an open door. St Vincent got those who were rich to build homes for the needy, This kept them from being greedy. Daily he trudged around town distributing goods to the downtrodden, This kept them from living a life of misery which was sodden. Thus he set up the Society of Vincent de Paul, Thereby he tried to take care of the marginalized and one and all. *Shared by Franklin Misquith


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