Warrier's Collage on Vijayadashami 2023

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Tuesday, Vijayadashami, October 24, 2023 Vidyarambham @ Srimookambika Temple https://youtu.be/NLAOKf96x58?feature=shared Hari Shree Ganapataye Namah Avighnamastu Shreegurubhyo Namah Gajananam Ganapatim Gunanaamalayam Param Tham Devam Girijaasoonum Vandehamamararchitam Saraswati Nmasthubhyam VaraDe Kaamaroopinim Vidyarambham Karishyami Siddhirbhavatu Mé Sadaa Thought of the day : "We have to work with the dedication of the Fire Force." A Media Responses : M G Warrier Feedback Open Page, The Hindu Sunday Magazine October 22, 2023 A guidance long overdue This refers to Nimra Ahmad's Open Page article "On the content carousel" (The Hindu Sunday Magazine, October 22). Impressed by the quality guidance on a topical issue compressed in so short a piece. I've pleaded with my contacts to procure, read and preserve this page for future reference. I can't better the summary given by the author. I quote: "Reclaim your time, your focus, and your priorities in this ever-evolving communication system. It's a journey worth embarking on, and one that holds promise of a more balanced, fulfilling life." M G Warrier Mumbai The Hindu Business Line October 21, 2023 Letters Chasing inflation This refers to "Strong global headwinds to keep rates high: RBI chief" (The Hindu Business Line, October 21). Traditionally central bank executives use opportunities for closed house public speaking to share their policy concerns or to market-test novel ideas. RBI governor's observation in the sidelines about oil prices that "What matters is the pump price in India" directly refers to the role of taxes in rising inflation, while media and analysts talk more about interest rates. Overall, if someone reads between the lines and interprets RBI governor's observations about costs and prices as an indication that sooner than later RBI will release the pause button, chances are he might be closer to reality. M G Warrier Mumbai B Collage of responses V R Chittanandam The indoor garden is very impressive and it should have taken laborious efforts to bring it to this status. Congratulations. Chittanandam My response : Thanks 🙏 It's a diversion Sudha found out in addition to WhatsApp Like pets, she cares for each plant and participates in the growth and sickness of each plant considering it as a part of the family. Interesting to observe. Good hobby. C Vijayadashami 2023 Happy Vijayadashami Know more : https://www.bankbazaar.com/indian-holiday/dussehra-holiday.html D Collage Profile Theyyampadi Sankara Kurup There may be very few even in my own family, surviving, who will remember this gentleman 🙏 who used to arrive at our ancestral home Manakkal to play his role as വെളിച്ചപ്പാട് ( Oracle, remember Thilakan's role in Malayalam movie "Nirmalyam") on the single day Thottam Pattu (കളമെഴുത്തും പാട്ടും or വിളക്ക്) an annual function which continued uninterrupted till Manakkal Tharavadu properties were entrusted to a receiver by Vatakara Court following a partition proceedings, circa 1957-58 (I was in V Form. Would write SSLC in 1959). A bachelor with beard and long greying hairs in his post-middle age, Kurup was a handsome smiling personality whom I respected. He was friendly with me. He came from Balussery near present Koyilandi (Then the Railway Station was known as Panthalayini). On the day of the festival, by evening, Kurup will have a makeover with spot clean white and red clothes and will be found doing Kalamezhuthu, single-handed. This will be followed by Pattu describing the story of Bhadrakali, when Nambudiri will be busy with Naivedyam, Pujas etc A Thottam Pattu (for illustration only) : https://youtu.be/vgBWh1x4iIQ?feature=shared There were two swords in Manakkal. Kurup used to carry the one with an L-shaped bend in the second half with chilanga-type metallic attachments to make sound when Velichappadu shakes the sword in his Oracle transformation. Velichappadu used to howl and shout with sufficient noise to wake up neighbourhood which would have just gone to bed! His announcements included promise of complete protection for the entire family and Bhagavathi's availablity on call whenever any of her children was in trouble. The reinstated Bhagavathi is different from the one who, according to local astrologers had shifted to west of the railway track in the west, when I sold out the land occupied by Bhagavati. On one April 29 (പ്റതിഷ്ഠാദിനം) I tried to find out the reason for the makeover given from the new തന്ത്രി. He was very reluctant to discuss such complicated Brahminical issues with a "Soodra", that too post-lunch, when he was in a mood to take rest. I left the issue there as I was well aware of the secrecy Brahmins, especially Namboodiris used to maintain about sacred texts. As a school-boy, I had witnessed one Varma asking my father to recite "Gayatri Mantra". He evaded the request by asking "Which Gayatri?" **** **** E Kaliyattam Festival of Malabar https://youtu.be/-AfWGWilHmw?feature=shared


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