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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Sunday, December 3, 2023 Good Morning Last week, a short trip to Kerala gave reasons to live longer. One, it exposed the irrelevance of individuals. Two, it taught me how relevant it is for individuals to live life as it evolves. Sudha and I attended a wedding in Kannur : A Family Reunion I could be part of : This note is in response to a brief response from my cousin (Padmanabhettan, 90) who is also the seniormost member from my maternal side, which read : "I feel shameful that I could not recognise some of them. Sorry." I said : "No reason for feeling bad or sad Padmanabhetta... Despite health etc issues Sudha and I came from Mumbai to Kannur as we had not ever met some of our grandnephews and grandnieces and that generation relatives who were present here in Kannur. We became part of the videos and photos so that later some children will connect and identify. Not because it's important or great. Just some personal satisfaction...We too travelled these routes 🙏 Thanks to Mrs & Mr Unnikrishnan for arranging the meeting place. Congratulations and Best Wishes 🙏 to Sharanya & Ashikh as the occasion is their wedding." One observation about God's Own Country : Really. In Kannur, Airport and the roads and markets are well maintained. People are polite and well behaved. We don't meet many poor people on the roadsides. All well dressed and none of them had a hungry look. And as you know, in Kerala a town ends where another started More later Nice Day M G Warrier A Poetry during chaos PARANOIA By Hemant Divate https://amzn.eu/d/1JhZEhR Amazon review at F B Cover Story : Looking back with satisfaction Vathsala Jayaraman Dear Friends, From 1965 to 2002- 37 years in a central banking Institution-without moving an inch in the official position-A remarkable achievement! But absolutely no regrets. Bank cannot be blamed for my right/wrong decision in not accepting the promotion offered to me. Continued at G C Cover Story II : Relationships A write-up* on Feminism, Relationships and other related issues *Inputs shared by Reshmy Warrier and M G Warrier, also based on views shared with them by their contacts and friends. Feminism, in essence, is a fight for equality—a freedom struggle to dismantle age-old norms that have relegated women to secondary roles both inside and outside the home. The frustration stems from being treated as less than equal in terms of agency, freedom, financial independence, and pay parity. It's crucial to acknowledge that feminism isn't about bashing men but challenging patriarchal structures deeply embedded in society. The fight isn't about proving women are superior but about dismantling unequal power dynamics. The patriarchal norms, especially in India, have perpetuated unequal treatment for generations. True empowerment lies in recognizing that all genders are equally precious, each with its unique role. The shift towards equality requires breaking free from traditional norms, understanding that financial independence and homemaking needn't be mutually exclusive, and supporting those who may lack the agency to break free from oppressive situations. Feminism, then, is not just about women standing up; it's about every gender collectively challenging outdated norms and supporting those who may feel marginalized. It's a community effort to create a world where everyone is treated with dignity and equality. Part II In a world that often prescribes a singular script, let's talk about marriage—the default step in a young woman's journey. It's painted as the exclusive gateway to happiness, with idealized notions of love and family. Yet, some find themselves exiting this once glorified institution, and the narrative shifts to a somber tone. Leaving is treated as an unfortunate departure, painted in hues of black. The societal script doesn't consider that not everyone is cut out for this one-size-fits-all institution. The fear of being left behind or labeled a misfit often dictates choices. The pressure to conform to the societal norm becomes overwhelming. Amidst this, it's crucial to remind young women that they aren't obligated to surrender their essence—home, family, or surname. Choices vary, be it pursuing a career, nurturing a family, or navigating both paths. Your agency and destiny rest in your hands. It's time to celebrate the diverse narratives and the myriad possibilities that unfold. No, marriage isn't a necessity, but the freedom to choose is. Let's rewrite the script, acknowledging the beauty of multiple paths and celebrating the unique journey each woman embarks upon. Part III Related issues A personal note from M G Warrier Like government, family too is an institution that evolved to regulate life and organise accumulation and distribution of material wealth and discipline the individual's behaviour in society. D Dealing with uncertainty Good Morning 🌄 https://m.economictimes.com/opinion/speaking-tree/dealing-with-uncertainty/amp_articleshow/93462741.cms "In the face of uncertainty, remember to continue to do your karma. 'Lagey raho to Prakriti lagaye rakhti hai' - continue, persevere and keep busy by working on body, mind and soul simultaneously, then even Nature will continue to keep you occupied. This way the flow of energy is maintained. Draw the joy of this continuous process to lead sahi jivan, a righteous life." You are lucky, if you miss this post. That means you are reasonably busy doing something purposeful in life. Carry on. Have a Great Day ahead 🙏 M G Warrier E Media Interaction TVG KRISHNAN has sent you a link to a blog: kindly acknowledge Blog: Econo-Reflexions Post: The need for Good Roads in Bengaluru is very urgent and paramount Link: https://econo-reflexions.blogspot.com/2023/12/the-need-for-good-roads-in-bengaluru-is.html Thanks 🙏 for sharing We need to share our thoughts on public issues in media whatever way possible. Someone who can bring about changes will some day listen F Collage Book : Paranoia Amazon Review Book overview Paranoia is an imagined fear that someone will hurt or kill us. Paranoia is an attempt to make the false true. Even if the fears a paranoid person has are based on something in the real world, what that person is afraid of is a figment of imagination. Paranoia is a mental malaise that makes a person who has lost the ability to reason coherently break with reality and eventually destroy the very sense of self. If paranoia is limited to an individual, then they can be moved to one side and administered rehabilitative therapy or counselling. But what if an entire society is afflicted by paranoia? Like the rise of Nazi totalitarianism in the 20th century, what we now see in our land, our neighbouring states and in several parts of the world is an ongoing and widespread orgy of paranoia fueled by totalitarian regimes in the name of religion, race, caste and creed. It is in the very grip of these dark times that Hemant Divate has chosen to write his poetry. It's not just because of this, that his poetry matters. What matters is his courage to dip his finger into the very wound of these terrible times, without pretense, with an un-disguised, un-imitative voice, just relying on the fearlessness of his words, speaking easily and universally about the world he finds himself in, and, in the process, forces open both his eyes and those of his readers. Pores are opened. Boils are lanced. With neither the overarching voice of rage nor swinging on the trapeze of obfuscation, all of Divate's poems follow a middle path. Their beginnings, expansions and rhythms stay right down this middle way. Writing this way is not the work of a dilettante. His skill lies in relying on his poetry's inner voice even as he confronts the most challenging issues of his times. His visual environment spans new approaches to our existence, new ways of seeing metaphysics, the tangled web of sexuality, the various aspects that layer lust, human desire, feelings, aspirations and motives, oppression.... G Continued from B The experience we gained is vast. There are no photographs or images, but fond memories are there for ever to cherish. There have been instances of dis satisfaction- a few thorns here and there; but the path was royal strewn with roses. I know that striving for excellence is surely motivating and rewarding. But when we have to strike a balance, striving for perfection will become demoralizing. We were travelling generally on a path, levelled smooth by the untiring services of the Association. There will be grudges all through. No human being is perfect; applies to institutions too. There is a crack in everything. That is why light gets into. The woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best. Even the best needles are not sharp at both ends and in most of the needles there is a hole. The imperfections of any institution, its frailities, weaknesses etc cannot be separated from its virtues and they are wedded together. Had we joined some other institution, we would have had some other problems, though we may be drawing a handsome pension. This great institution of ours, no doubt provided a knowledge base that allowed us to track, understand and to have proper conceptions. Nobody could deny, that if we enter the bank premises with a heavy heart on any day with multivarious problems pressing us, there were warm hearts to console, to give constructive suggestions to solve the problems that vary from education, medical, matrimony, legal or child upbringing. There were experts and experienced people on all the fields. On most of the occasions the solutions were apt. I don't think, in any other branch of any other bank this would have been possible. That great sense of belonging is rare to find anywhere. There might have been instances where one would have been insulted or not considered for promotions or differences of opinion in deciding official matters. That is natural for any institution. If we stir stored water, the settled dust from the bottom comes to the surface and the entire water seems polluted. By criticizing and fault finding, one will be accumulating only negative vibrations. As Mother Theresa said, "If you start judging people we will have no time to love them". There is so much of good in the worst of us and so much of bad in the best of us too. Leave alone the monetary aspect;the journey through Reserve Bank of India was a fulfilling one, leading to understanding of oneself and people around. Personally for me, coming from a rural background, it was a shift from passive listening to active participation- a wonderful experience consisting of a beautiful admixture of emotional, ethical and intellectual components at the right measures. Dear RBI, Thou hast given so much to me. Give me a grateful heart thankful to you for ever. Thank you for the good times, Thank you for the days you filled with pleasure, Thank you for fond memories, Which I will always treasure.


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