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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Thursday, December 21, 2023 New Year (2024) Curtain Raiser MERRY CHRISMAS -Warrier Friends Time flies Enjoy the day M G Warrier A Dignity Dialogue Interview : M G Warrier Dignity Dialogue Editor Huned Contractor interviewed M G Warrier recently. Edited excerpts from the interview has been published in the current issue (January 2024) of Dignity Dialogue. Excerpts : Could you share something about your childhood and parents? My familial roots trace back to a time of affluence, where both my parents hailed from prosperous backgrounds. My father, a Namboodiri from an Illam in North Malabar, possessed vast expanses of land and substantial paddy fields in the surrounding areas. On the other hand, my mother belonged to a ‘zamindari’ family of prominence in Malabar during that era. However, the idyllic picture of prosperity soon faded by the time of my birth in 1944. Property-related legal entanglements plunged our family, consisting of my parents and three elder sisters, into abject poverty. The intricacies of Namboodiri traditions dictated that the non-Namboodiri members, namely the wife and children, did not inherit the caste or property rights, leaving us in a challenging financial predicament. To make ends meet, my father assumed the role of a priest in a Shiva temple situated in a village approximately 8 km away from our ancestral home. During a significant part of our school years, my sister and I found ourselves residing within the temple premises, which conveniently stood close to a high school. Continued at G Select Response Dr T V Gopalakrishnan, Bangalore Congrats. Enjoyed reading. Keeping physically and mentally fit at this age is itself an achievement and contributing to the society intellectually by sharing life and experiences, motivating many to lead an active and healthy life is adding value to own self and others as well. It all helps to have a positive outlook and a very satisfying feeling. Keep going strong. May God bless you and your family Always and in All Ways. With warm regards Dr TVG B Collage Books Open Book of Happy Memories Delighted to announce the publication of M G Warrier's much-anticipated book "Open Book of Happy Memories (And Other Stories)" by Notion Press on December 14, 2023. 📚 Available Now! [Explore Here](https://notionpress.com/read/open-book-of-happy-memories) 📍 Publisher : Notion Press, Chennai 📅 Release Date : Monday, December 18, 2023 🛍 Where to Find : Copies will be available at major online sales outlets like Amazon.in and Flipkart. In the wake of the recent pandemic that has left an indelible mark on our lives, M G Warrier presents a compilation of over 100 random essays in his latest work, "Open Book of Happy Memories (And Other Stories)". As we navigated through the challenges of the past three years, Warrier found solace in sharing daily messages, touching on nostalgic memories and reflections on current issues. This book is a treasure trove of selected pieces from those stories and essays, offering a unique blend of past and present. 📖 A Glimpse Into the Book : - Essays on a variety of subjects - Nostalgic memories - Brief pieces on current issues 🔗 For Those Buying from Amazon.in : If you purchase your copy from Amazon.in, we kindly request you to take a moment to share your thoughts and feedback on the site. Your comments will not only guide the author but also assist future readers in discovering the essence of this remarkable collection. Book overview Open Book of Happy Memories (And Other Stories) By M G Warrier as the title suggests is a compilation of random essays on a variety of subjects. Recent pandemic, impact of which lasted for more than three years unsettled our life. Most of the lifelines breaking, many of us, especially elders, found our life approaching a grinding halt, not only for health or economic reasons. Communication links got reduced to television and internet, as doors closed and even newspapers and magazines, bookstores and libraries were out of reach. To help those friends and relatives who were not tech-savvy or were not comfortable with routine social media interaction, I tried a shortcut through a consolidated daily personal message. The modern social media routes came in handy. Short essays which covered nostalgic memories and brief pieces on current issues became part of my daily messages. This book is a compilation of select pieces from those stories and select essays written by me during recent years. Happy Reading! Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. Warm Regards, M G Warrier Other Books by M G Warrier https://notionpress.com/author/m_g_warrier 1) Restoring Trust in Governance 2) India's Decade of Reforms 3) Chasing Inclusive Growth (eBook) All published by Notion Press and available at online sales outlets like Amazon.in and Flipkart besides the Publisher C Book on my table "Imprisoned for Life" By K Aravindakakshan Translation from Malayalam by Madhavan Edassery https://notionpress.com/read/imprisoned-for-life Dr K Aravindakakshan in his novel “Jeevaparyantham (Imprisoned for Life)”, makes the reader marvel at the interplay of violence and compassion on the complex stage of human life. He also demonstrates the spiritual transformations that suffering brings about in the sufferer as well as on those who standby. Ramesan is an ordinary bank employee leading a happy and virtuous family life. He is therefore, taken off-guard when during a sultry afternoon he is arrested by police at his office, hand-cuffed and led to the police jeep in full public view. He fails to convince even his mother about his innocence. He is implicated in the rape and murder of a dumb girl and, after trial, sentenced to life imprisonment. His life is devasted with the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter. The novel tells the amazing saga of this man who emerges as a different person after going through irrational and unfair suffering. Sale proceeds of this book go to the Pain & Palliative Care Society, Thrissur D Media Interaction COVID, Common Cold and their variants The Editor The Hindu Business Line December 19, 2023 Covid, common cold and their variants* This refers to the interesting BL explainer (All about the JN.1 variant, The Hindu Business Line December 19) and related reports about rising Covid cases in India. Last spell of the pandemic which lasted across the world for more than two years had triggered a hypochondria effect on elders specifically and the health-conscious common man in general. The world is limping back to normal life. The situation arising from the present rise in Covid cases and the spread of rumours about several new variants of the Covid-like viruses call for more efforts from the healthcare experts and the governments to ensure that unscrupulous business interests do not take undue advantage by creating panic in the minds of health-conscious middle-class families. M G Warrier Mumbai *Business Line didn't publish this response 🙏-Warrier E Collage support for new initiatives Sankar Das from Thichur YouTube Channel for Maddalam students https://youtu.be/UNTbMdcfkHU?feature=shared F Energy https://m.economictimes.com/opinion/speaking-tree/why-waste-your-energy/amp_articleshow/105942454.cms If the link opens, please glance through this short piece. JK is trying to say something. If you find it interesting, read again. If it confuses you, leave it for today. Have a Great Day G Continued from A Our living space lacked windows and electricity, so I studied outside during the morning. The hurdles we faced intensified as I completed my SSLC at the tender age of 14. Thankfully, my immediate elder sister, who had become a school teacher by then, became my financial pillar of support. Her generosity allowed me to pursue my degree at a newly established government college near our ancestral home, and I travelled the 3 km distance to the college on foot. What has been your education and working experience? Following the completion of my degree, I quickly secured a teaching position. While teaching temporarily, I landed a permanent job as a clerk at the Employees Provident Fund Organisation in Thiruvananthapuram in 1963, while still in my teens. The following year, I advanced to a higher position at the local AG's Office, and three years later, I joined the Reserve Bank of India, enticed by enhanced salary prospects and career growth opportunities. Back then, I was also fortunate to encounter two individuals who played pivotal roles in shaping my later successes. C S V Warrier, a senior colleague at the AG's office, later became the Secretary General of the All India Audit and Accounts Association. And, E X Joseph, who served as the Secretary General of the same association until the 1960s, transitioned to a distinguished career in law and journalism. Our enduring relationship continues to date. In my tenure at the Reserve Bank of India, I collaborated with influential figures such as S S Tarapore and Usha Thorat, both of whom retired as deputy governors. They significantly influenced my skills, and it was Tarapore who encouraged me to pursue serious writing post-retirement. In his foreword to my first book titled ‘Chasing Inclusive Growth’, Tarapore lauded my willingness to engage in public debate on a range of issues, expressing confidence that my contributions would inspire other retired central bankers to join the discourse. What are your activities at present? In my current phase of life post-retirement, I find fulfilment in a spectrum of activities centred on reading, writing, and active participation in various media and social initiatives. Opting not to pursue regular employment after four decades of dedicated office service, I have devoted myself to literary pursuits and community engagement. My commitment to the written word is reflected in the numerous responses and articles I contribute to various media outlets. For over a decade, I maintained a regular column in a business and finance magazine. Additionally, I have authored several books on economics and finance. Could you share details about your immediate family? My better half for more than 50 years now, Sudha embarked on her professional journey as a KG teacher, showcasing her dedication in diverse locations such as Thiruvananthapuram, Mumbai, and Nagpur, seamlessly adapting to the transferrable nature of my job at RBI. Throughout our journey, Sudha became the silent strength and nurturing force within our family dynamic. Later in life, she embraced a profound interest in yoga. Transitioning into teaching yoga as a hobby, Sudha recently devised a comprehensive module of standing exercises for seniors. This innovative routine, uploaded on YouTube by our daughter Reshmy, has garnered widespread adoption among friends and contacts, requiring less than 10 minutes daily. Kiran Warrier, our son, serves as the SBU Head of Needle Punch at Welspun Advanced Textiles. His wife, Smita Warrier, holds the position of Vice President Business Systems at UNO Digital Bank, Maharashtra. Their son, Govind, is currently a student at Ashoka University, Sonapet. Reshmy holds the position of Content Head at ZEE 5 Global. Her son, Vihaan, is presently pursuing studies at National Law University, Delhi. What are your hobbies and interest areas? In the post-retirement phase, my engagement has extended to meaningful interactions with like-minded individuals and active support for common causes. Despite time constraints, I maintain a dynamic presence on social media, offering responses to current issues. From 2014 to 2020, I authored three books focusing on economics and finance. Beyond my work- related areas, I have dedicated considerable effort to grasp the fundamentals of philosophy and spirituality, particularly in how they shape our thoughts and contribute to our sense of happiness. For me, the key lies in following one's conscience and adhering to what is deemed ethically right in day-to-day actions. My upcoming book, 'Open Book of Happy Memories (And Other Stories)’, ventures into a different terrain, as the title suggests. It comprises nostalgic memories and brief reflections on current issues. What is your wish list for 2024? As I approach my 80th year, my wish list is centred on cherishing meaningful connections and embracing life's simple joys. I aspire to spend quality time with my loved ones, strengthening family bonds and creating lasting memories together. Additionally, I hope to continue pursuing activities that bring me joy and fulfilment, whether it's engaging in reading, writing, enjoying the small joys, or exploring new experiences. What is your perspective about life? I strongly believe in the power of gratitude and maintaining a positive outlook. Acknowledging and being grateful for what one has, even amidst challenges, is crucial for overall wellbeing. Life, with its ups and downs, becomes more fulfilling when we focus on the positive side of things. Reflecting on my own journey, I consider myself fortunate. What would be your advice to seniors to help them make their life interesting and healthy? Advice, in my view, is freely given with the hope of receiving it back with interest. As we all aspire to remain healthy, active, and happy throughout our lives, it’s essential for each individual to prepare a personalised list of do's and don'ts considering their own realities. I have found that making life interesting and healthy is all about embracing a holistic approach. Firstly, staying active has been a key aspect of my routine. Whether it's a daily walk or basic stretching exercises in yoga, physical activity not only contributes to physical health but also keeps one energised and uplifted.


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