The intolerant Indian - Business Line

The intolerant Indian - Business Line

My online comments:
The article is thought-provoking. If we go by what is getting reported 
and debated in the print and electronic media, the analysis is 
indisputably correct. I am tempted to record a dissenting note on 
behalf of the majority of Indians who do not have opportunity to read 
a newspaper or watch ‘Current Affairs’ channel on television. This 
category of Indians still respect the age old value system for which 
India is known and about which we take pride. Even among the educated 
youth who belonged to the privileged middle class and above, there are 
many who do not belong to the category of ‘intolerant Indians’ 
described here. This category should be guided by those who have lived 
through an era when there were avenues for handling ‘intolerance’. The 
present eruptions of intolerance are symptomatic of a deeper malady 
which is spreading in the system mainly due to the greed of a 
‘successful’ section of society which is suppressing the genuine urge 
of majority for a decent & reasonable lifestyle
from:  M G WARRIER
Posted on: Apr 13, 2013 at 14:19 IST


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