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 The submitted version of my letter "Leadership fit" is copied below:

Protect the elegance
This refers to the article “A much-abused office”(June 23). This debate should be taken forward to protect the elegance and purpose of the institution of state governor envisaged by the authors of Indian Constitution. Many things were left ‘unsaid’ in the Constitution. These included the details about the skill requirements and background for those contesting elections and aspiring positions like that of state governor and the Indian President to mention just two for illustration. But, the responsible political leadership that took over from the British did take care to evolve a tradition in the 1950’s which saw a number of statesmen endowed with political skill, academic brilliance, scientific outlook and administrative ability getting into the mainstream of political leadership across India.
The position changed, when money power over-shadowed other considerations and slowly, regional parties with less concern for national interests started gaining influence in governance. The 2014 awakening should be recognised and we should be magnanimous to accept change in procedures and practices forced on the country by vested interests. As regards office of the state governor, we should make the position elegant and professional. Governor should be a person of undisputed integrity and should be able to command the respect of the people of the state and in times of need convince Centre about what is ‘right’ for his state. For the purpose, the impression that the position is offered as a compensation for failure elsewhere or a post-retirement asylum should be erased. Ideally, the individual should be one who has proved leadership qualities and administrative skill in government, politics, industry, academics, science or in social sector and within the age-group of 50 to 65.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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