Letters: Integrated growth | Business Standard Opinion

Letters: Integrated growth | Business Standard Opinion

Submitted version* of the response:

This refers to the artice
“India’s growth debate” (Asia File, June 26). The article crisply takes stock
of the linkages to be taken care of while a country plans to move aggressively
towards growth opting primarily the rapid industrialisation  route. More of such debates will save policy
makers from losing sight of possible pitfalls and help avoid hurdles that are
usual when diversions are taken.
While conceding that a
short essay cannot be expected to cover all aspects of growth, taking the
debate forward, one is tempted to add conservation and overhaul of the
available infrastructure, moving towards a higher literacy level, better and
affordable healthcare facilities for all and improvements in the prescription
and monitoring of minimum living wages across sectors as priorities that should
be woven into any fabric of overall growth.
As public-private
partnership becomes a reality, the responsibility of ensuring social security,
universal healthcare and a self-regulatory mechanism to ensure minimum living
wages for all workers dependent on an industry or service also will have to be
shared by those who own or provide such industry or service. So far, this
aspect has been considered the sacred duty of the government or the tax-payer.
M G Warrier, Mumbai
* Sometimes I give this to draw attention to deleted portions. In the case of BS letters, I copy submitted version to tell readers about the pains taken by BS editorial staff to make letters/articles more presentable!


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