Why Raghuram Rajan matters | Business Line

Why Raghuram Rajan matters | Business Line

Online comments:
In my article on future of RBI
Governor Dr Raghuram Rajan post-May 16, 2014 posted at moneylife.in  during March 2014 I had observed:
“It has to be said to the credit
of Government of India (GOI) that, even if it was in self-interest, generally,
compared to other statutory bodies and public sector units (PSUs) the RBI has
been getting a fair deal in
selection and timely appointment
of its head and his deputies. The appointment process in July-August 2013 was
more transparent and at that time, all had accepted that among the candidates
considered, the most meritorious had been selected.”
to support my comment that to re-emphasise that “…the present RBI
Governor has taken his present job seriously and any talk about destabilising
his position post-16th May can do harm to Indian economy, but may
not have much impact on his pursuit of the objectives he cherish.”
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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