Govt forms panel for Ganga rejuvenation | Business Line

Govt forms panel for Ganga rejuvenation | Business Line

Message from Ganga
  It is heartening to see that the
new government in Delhi is initiating steps to fulfil some of the major
promises which brought them to power. Ganga rejuvenation should go beyond
cleansing and ‘protecting’ the mother of all rivers. This should become a
symbol of India’s resolve to move away from the phase in which values which the
country had taught the world had been shadowed by the distrust and disharmony
created by a small minority of the ‘greedy and the ambitious’.

Cleansing and rejuvenation need
to be undertaken in all walks of life across geographic, cultural and financial
sectors. The drainage routes in the cities and  wells and tanks in villages should get the
same attention in cleansing and rejuvenation as Ganga is expected to get now.
Similar cleaning process should clear the politics and financial sector too of
the unhealthy and corrupt practices which have brought them to disrepute in
recent years. Let us welcome the beginning and be vigilant while committing
ourselves to cooperate and participate in the cleansing process.
M G Warrier


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