Letters: High-level norms | Business Standard

Letters: High-level norms | Business Standard

Unedited version of this letter:

 Post-retirement jobs

This refers to the report “Govt
changes law to appoint Misra principal secy to PM”(May 29). The view expressed
by former finance secretary EAS Sarma in this context which reads, “The
independence of regulatory authorities is pivotal to any economic reform
strategy. That is the reason why regulators are given a fairly high status but
precluded from accepting any post-retirement appointment from the government.
This applies to all regulatory authorities and Trai as well.” Should be kept in
view while government takes a relook at the law governing all such and similar
appointments. Unfortunately, there has been heavy dependence on expediency in
selection and terms of appointment to high level posts in the past.
The ordinance in the present
context is to ensure that the new government does not ‘violate’ an existing
legal provision, irrespective of its rationale and the gesture should be seen
from that perspective. If the opposition succeeds in preventing this
appointment citing ‘legalities’, it need not embarrass anyone except Misra who
may have to quit from that post temporarily, as the previous government did not
feel bad even when money bills had to be scraped through by ‘buying’ support.
Finding a substitute will not be difficult.
The controversy arising from this
appointment should be a pointer for Modi to be cautious while handling
opposition, as oppositions in legislatures in India, by and large, have no
history of constructive cooperation. Reforms should start from behaviour in
both houses of Parliament

M G Warrier, Thiruvananthapuram


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