India hopes WTO pact talks will be revived in September | Business Standard News

India hopes WTO pact talks will be revived in September | Business Standard News

Online comments posted on August 2, 2014:
This is no occasion for
celebrating ‘successful stalling of a wrong move’ or lamenting over delay in ‘clinching
a deal’ which would have changed the global business environment. The developed
countries so far had successfully persuaded the Indian elite to believe that
subsidy is a bad word, while they themselves practiced ‘subsidy’ by different
methods. Daily destruction of unsold stock in Holland flower market to
destruction of food stock and issue of food coupons in US involved element of
If one looks at the chronology of
events up to Prime Minister Modi’s assertion that ‘I am more concerned about
the small Indian farmer, even though I believe the trade facilitation agreement
is good for India…’ the Indian stance on the issue is a timely warning to
India’s own policy think tank and the advocates of ‘globalisation  at any cost’.
The position taken is consistent
with the advice contained in Indian scriptures which say, “One should lift
oneself by one’s own efforts and should not degrade oneself; for one’s own self
is one’s friend and one’s own self is one’s enemy”(VI 5, Bhagavadgita).
Let us not forget that it was the
business interests of a foreign power that kept this country in slavery for
centuries. We should not surrender the gains of decades of freedom fight for
quick gains. Thanks to the vision of those who took over governance from the
British, we have a strong foundation supported by a Constitution which has
stood the test of time, a public sector which can shoulder much more
responsibilities and institutions like judiciary, Election Commission, Reserve
Bank of India and CAG which have withstood external pressures.
One wishes, the new government
musters enough strength and moral courage to
open a healthy debate within the country on rationalisation and
transparency in asset accumulation and cross-subsidisation issues which will
help India emerge as a global power without compromising the country’s right to
stand on her own feet.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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