Rashtrapati Bhavan undergoes a resplendent makeover | Business Standard News

Rashtrapati Bhavan undergoes a resplendent makeover | Business Standard News

Online comments posted on August 9, 2014:

Change with the times

The article “The rebirth of
Rashtrapati Bhavan” by Maseeh Rahman (August 9) gave deep insight into the past
glory and the present predicament of the august building and the premises it is situated. If the first Indian occupant
complained that “I am in a zoo and a circus” and the present occupant is also
uncomfortable with the way in which the ‘estate’ is maintained and used, there
should be something wrong somewhere in the whole environment which needs
It is easy to brand certain
sentiments ‘middleclass’, to silence or overcome flawed handling of resources
and situations. That the premises is a ‘heritage’ kind of structure and the
nation should preserve it is no reason to cage the first citizen in
uncomfortable surroundings. Beyond research on history, architecture, the past
day-to-day goings on in the premises and the kitchens and dining rooms and
perhaps banquet halls, Rashtrapati Bhavan deserves a decent treatment in terms
of upkeep and maintenance(no part of the premises should become dumping yard
for unused or waste articles) and productive use of floor area and the vast expanse of land around.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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