VITALINFO: Banking, Reforms & Corruption : By M G Warrier

VITALINFO: Reforms and Development: Challenges Before the Pol...: “M G Warrier expresses his views with great conviction but with his predilection towards pragmatism which enables him to see a better way ...

Reforms and Development: Challenges Before the Policy Makers

“M G Warrier expresses his views with great conviction but with his predilection towards pragmatism which enables him to see a better way of conducting policy. His writings reflect the current economic debate and students, policy makers, opinion makers, bankers, economists and the discerning public would greatly benefit from reading this cameo of economic issues.” 
- S S Tarapore, Renowned Economist

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Banking, Reforms & Corruption:   Development Issues in 21st Century India
By M G Warrier
Pubished by SAMPARK, P 34, Kalindi Housing Scheme, Calcutta-700089, INDIA 
Pages: 130 / Price: Rs 250

Use the following link to read a comprehensive review of Banking REFORMS and CORRUPTION by PP Ramachandran in the Freepress Journal by using the following link:


What my friends say:

Dear Sh Warrier,


Thanks a lot for sending a copy of your book BANKING, REFORMS & CORRUPTION- DEVELOPMENT ISSUES IN 21st CENTURY INDIA. It goes to your credit that the book has been liberally appreciated by eminent personalities like Sh S S Tarapore and Mrs Usha Thorat. As you have mentioned in the preface, you have really expressed your perceptions, anxieties and aspirations about 21st century India Growth story with focus on resource management in Indian context. It is always easy to criticise or find faults with the existing system. Anyone can do it. But you have gone one step further giving practical solutions to the problems. This is really worth appreciating and people sitting in authority should take note of it. Whether they accept your suggestions or not but they need to be debated. In the form of this book you have brought out a well researched document on the prevailing problems with our financial structure. You have also raised critically important issues in the present context which require immediate attention and are required to be addressed on priority basis especially issues like Human Resource Management in RBI, other banks and Public Sector Undertakings. In the chapter on Gold Management you have rightly pointed out that the time has come for authorities to think of setting up professional and dedicated institutions who can handle the gold from banking angle. Ultimately people invest in gold for the sake of security. If a person can be assured that appreciated value of gold will be taken care of, all the gold with public or lying in lockers will come out. 

I am sure in our Group whosoever will get opportunity to lay hands on your book, like me, he/she will read the last chapter first because it deals with pension. That is altogether different thing that it talks of National Pension Scheme. You have also brought out another dimension to the topic of Post Retirement life like old age homes, retirement villages to enable senior citizens to live a dignified life. It has gained all the way more importance in the modern times when families are shrinking and social values are undergoing a sea change. 

Wishing you all the best.

with regards
madan gauria (M-1)

Dear Warrier,

Indeed we are proud to have you in our group. We know you are regularly writing on economic related topics to news paper and about your intense involvement in Banking and related matters. Your zeal to continue still after so many years of retirement is praise worthy. About the book, I have yet to read.  

My hearty congratulation, may be soon you may bring out a book compiling all your published articles. Best wishes,

KSI - M187



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