Government Banks CEOs - Moneylife

Government Banks CEOs - Moneylife

Response to a comment:
laments may give some temporary relief from the frustrated feeling the writer
and the reader gets looking at the mismanagement of institutions. My guess is
that the HR management is not much superior in the private sector organizations
too, though some exceptions are there(Just for a diversion, please read the
story “How many Bank VPs to Change a Bulb? 1000s” published in Economic Times
on September 23, 2014). Such exceptions are there among public sector organizations
also. In Indian situation, destroying public sector the way in which it(the
destruction) is being managed by vested interests has long term negative
impacts. The one and only option is to revamp public sector. The debate should
be taken forward by suggesting how best this can be done. 
M G Warrier


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