India is working well for us: Amazon CEO | Business Line

India is working well for us: Amazon CEO | Business Line

The positive approach to doing business which helps Bezos keep smiling
all through is admirable and worth imbibing by any entrepreneur anywhere in the
The $2 billion cheque brought in by Amazon is a good omen when Prime
Minister Modi is inviting the world not only to do business in India but to ‘Make
in India’ and do business with the rest of the world. The World Bank Group(2013)
which rated India at 179 under the parameter ‘Starting Business’ in a group of
189 countries, should revisit its assessment and see how many of the countries
which were positioned above India got an individual single external investment
of $2 billion or above in 2014.
The assertion made by Bezos that ‘Every country in which we do business,
there are regulations. Our job is to accommodate those regulations. So, let us
use it as an opportunity, instead of just complaining about it.’ should be an
eye-opener for all those who grumble about business environment in India.
This is not to say that business environment in India is perfect and
needs no improvement. But the progress made in improving the ‘ease to do
business’ by various states and the present efforts by the central government
to make things better need to be taken note of, and position taken by Amazon and
its CEO Bezos makes sense in this context and stands alone in the whole mess up
in comparisons by international rating agencies.

G Warrier, Mumbai


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