Heaven's Bankers : Book Review in FPJ by P P Ramachandran

I recommend this page: Heaven's bankers by Harris Irfan. You can read it on: http://freepressjournal.in/heavens-bankers-by-harris-irfan/

My online comments:
Banking, for that matter any business or profession, in the present day world, is dependent on investment(deposits in the case of banks generally) and return for survival. Whether you call it interest, rent or profit-sharing, or dividend are matter of details. Conceptually ISLAMIC BANKING is a better idea, since the ingredient ‘greed’ is less in that concept. We must, more and more debate on the advantages and disadvantages of all options in doing business legally and bring in changes in legislations of each country depending on the principles of common good and national priorities. Profit should not be at the cost of the interests of the investors who are not represented in the ‘management’ of any business. The present tragedy is, legalizing corruption and corrupt practices by the rich and the powerful who capture governance is being accepted by the majority as a price for peaceful living.
M G Warrier


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