Pension reforms miss the wood for the trees - The Hindu

Pension reforms miss the wood for the trees - The Hindu

This is a thoughtful analysis of an issue which is viewed by different people depending mainly on the individual age and job profile. Having said that there is need to debate the inadequacies in the old age care and social security systems considering the alarming rate at which the population of ‘senior citizens’ is growing and the disgraceful manner in which that category is being described as a burden on the ‘working’ and ‘earning’ population.

C R L Narasimhan writing in his column  Financial Scene on July 21, 2014 had referred to a response from me and said that The Hindu will revisit issues like the NPS, the method of calculating pension and the capping of the minimum wage. Seen in this perspective, the issues like inadequacy of returns on retirement savings, the unprofessional way in which funds with EPFO and NPS are managed raised here and the greedy manner in which government look at and handle funds with FPFO, LIC and public sector organizations should be further debated for suggesting corrective measures.

M G Warrier, Mumbai 


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