Future BJP leadership trained at plush institute | Business Standard News

Future BJP leadership trained at plush institute | Business Standard News


This is a welcome initiative. After the dedicated ‘freedom fighters’ generation and their immediate successors who still had enough fire in the belly to fight injustice, the feeder field for practicing genuine politics has been drying out. The present political class comprise mainly the BPL(Businessmen-Politicians-Lawyers) combine, families of politicians and ‘dropouts’ from students’ organisations of 1970’s and 1980’s. Politics as a profession is not accepted among Indian youth as first choice. Our over-dependence on erruptions like AAP for infusion of new people or ideas into politics may not always bring in positive results.
The main reason for this unenviable situation is the uncertain future, if one accepts social work or politics as a career. Infusing professionalism into the business of politics and educating serving and future politicians at dedicated institutions or at existing reputed educational institutions including management institutes will change the face of India’s political system. Instead of, or in addition to funding elections, government could provide infrastructure and resources to political parties for training their cadres and encourage political education at graduate and post-graduate level in universities and management institutes.
M G Warrier


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