RBI debt restructuring scheme is a good move: Aditya Puri | Business Line

RBI debt restructuring scheme is a good move: Aditya Puri | Business Line

Positive strokes
refers to the Aditya Puri interview (June 11). At a time when the happenings in
Delhi and monsoon worries flood the media with gloom, it is comforting to see
some statesmen who are in the know of things give credit to the country’s
efforts to move forward and appreciate the contribution by political leadership
and organisations in this regard.
turnaround for India is round the corner is not being denied by the worst
critiques of the country. By habit, certain quarters always see the glass half
empty and it is easier for the media to go with them, as those who are unhappy
and underprivileged continue to be in the majority.
the HDFC Bank MD’s words “…I turned digital, I got into semi-urban and rural
areas, I got the brand, systems and people…” are to be believed, one wonders
why the share of private sector banks in banking business is not growing fast
and why the FM is speaking exclusively to public sector banks when it comes to
social sector or financial inclusion issues.
is necessary for all the stakeholders to reconcile to the reality that whether
in public sector or in private sector the resources belong to the country and
its people and government and organisations have to manage them with care.

M G Warrier, Mumbai  


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