Why I’m worried, my children - The Hindu

Why I’m worried, my children - The Hindu


'A poem is best appreciated, if the reader would have written the same way, if s/he was the poet',someone had said something like this. Remembered this after reading this piece. I quote:

"If you just look around and observe society today, I’ll not have to explain what I’m lamenting about and why I’m worried of the growing-up generation. Greed and selfishness remain the driving forces behind the lives of people of the current generation, in spite of all the education we got. People confine to themselves and are ready to go to any extent for their own pleasures. Every ounce of power and authority is more often used for favouritism or selfish gains than for any social good. Though values are preached in classrooms and students score high marks in such topics, they fail to imbibe and practise what they learn.

And, dear children, that precisely is my concern about the society we are meant to mould out of you. I am sure you too will have many success stories to tell the world, about your achievements in life and career. But will you have imbibed the qualities that make for a good society? Will we as parents deliver the right genre of people to the world? Or will it be just a continuation of the society we have today?"
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M G Warrier


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