Comment: Missing the bigger picture on OROP - The Hindu

Comment: Missing the bigger picture on OROP - The Hindu


27, 2015
struggle is a symptom
This refers to the
article “Missing the bigger picture on OROP” (August 27). The present struggle for fulfilling the promises
on OROP is again only a symptom and the real ‘disease’ lies hidden elsewhere.
The reforms era in India has witnessed total neglect of the public sector and
government employees. It served well for certain vested and some political
interests. Leaving the wider issues, let us look at pension-related
developments. Centre, even before there was any legislative sanction,
discontinued a well-established pension scheme effective January 1, 2004
through a notification. Even at that time, GOI was aware of the sensitivities
of the issue and shrewdly excluded defence services while making New Pension
Scheme applicable to all central government employees.
The ‘divide and rule’
worked and as the employees on the roll as on December 31, 2003 were not
affected, the protest from unions were feeble. Gradually, NPS was forced on
most of the public sector organisations and state government employees and by
the time the real legislative sanction through enactment of PFRDA came through,
it was just regularising all that was done.
Nation is now paying the
price for government’s wrong approach to a social security arrangement for
employees in the organised sector.

G Warrier,


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