The FIRE has taken WINGS!

What follows is my appreciation of a Malayalam poem on Kalam by V Madhusoodanan Nair To Shri V Madhusoodanan Nair August 2, 2015 Dear brother I have attempted making a ‘free English rendering of the thoughts contained in your poem “Avanivideyilla!” published in The Mathrubhumi Vaarandappathippu dated August 2, 2015 for the benefit of my son and daughter. Thought I will share with you. Copied later is my July 28, 2015 Blog on Kalam also. If found ok you can share with friends who may have children/grandchildren who may not be reading the poem in Malayalam. Warm regards Yours affectionately M G Warrier The Fire has taken Wings! The fire has taken wings, and flown Beyond the skies, beyond boundaries of the Skye! HE appeared, responding to the prayers Walked across, spreading the Almighty’s message With conviction of a teacher, in his eyes Making wards keep their eyes open Filled his words with fire Made listeners dream awake, and Move to realising their dreams By replacing work for slumber! He made India’s SOUL pierce through the skies Making the world realise, that SCIENCE Can bring peace on earth Can make flowers bloom in deserts! Head up above the Himalayaas Thoughts rekindled by the roots down south* Cool Soofi music encapsuling, the Fire In every word energised by Quran Bequeathed his heritage, to the millions Of children, students and youth He met, on the long path he covered On foot, by cycle, by road, by air During his unfinished journey! The FIRE has taken WINGS, and flown Into the unknown, leaving THE LIGHT OF LIFE The attire, for anyone to done, which Death cannot steal, weapons cannot pierce! &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& *Rameshwaram Beyond Shmasaanavairagyam Yadaa sattwam pravrddhe tu pralayam yaati dehabhoot Tadottamavidam lokaanamalaanpratipadyate (Gita 14.14) When a man dies during the preponderance of Sattwa, he obtains the stainless ethereal worlds (heaven etc.,) attained by men of noble deeds. Shmasanavairagyam is the temporary attitude of mind one expresses while leaving the cremation/burial ground after performing the last rites of a beloved one. It is said, one gets over it fast and gets involve in ‘business as usual’. Thought about this while surfing mails, reading newspapers and watching TV since the night of July 27, 2015, when Kalam’s passing away was reported. I am keying in this note on the morning of July 30, 2015. The short piece recorded by Srijan Pal Singh (on July 27/28) who was with Kalam on July 27 gives deep insight into the human being that Kalam is. Mr Singh says: “The topic of lecture, Kalam selected for his course at IIM Shillong was ‘Creating a Livable Planet Earth’. He related the incident to the topic and said, “it seems the man-made forces are as big a threat to the livability of earth as pollution”. We discussed on how, if this trend of violence, pollution and reckless human action continues we will forced to leave earth. “Thirty years, at this rate, maybe”, he said. “You guys must do something about it… it is going to be your future world” Let us commit that we will take these thoughts forward, beyond Shmasaanavairagyam. M G Warrier


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