Cow vigilantes ‘anti-social’: Narendra Modi breaks his silence

Cow vigilantes ‘anti-social’: Narendra Modi breaks his silence: Breaking his silence on cow vigilantes in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday strongly condemned their actions, saying most of them were anti-social elements masquerading as...

Town hall talk

Apropos “Modi brands cow vigilantes 'anti-social'” (August 7), we need to take the message contained in Modi’s August 6 town hall speech more seriously. Narendra Modi is using technology-aided ‘communication’ to the country’s advantage.
Prime Minister said: “In a transparent governance system like ours, there is nothing wrong with officers and ministers speaking out freely. Social media is a strong asset that allows alternate view points, comments and suggestions before a decision is taken.
However, it is important that once government takes a decision, they all speak in one voice” That may be an ideal situation, but worth remembering. 

This decade has given India three individuals who spoke their mind out directly to the people without getting their briefs approved by others. They are, Arvind Kejriwal, Raghuram Rajan and Narendra Modi. They have woken up the masses and given them hopes. They have woken up the masses and given them hopes. They have reminded the people about their rights and responsibilities and told in no uncertain terms who are responsible for the present state of affairs. Now, it is for “WE THE PEOPLE” to assert their rights.

G Warrier, Mumbai


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