A must read book by Yunus Muhammad: The World of Three Zeros

Read my brief review* of The World of Three Zeros By Yunus Muhammad
M G Warrier

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The Correct Diagnosis
Muhammad Yunus has brought in one place several concerns affecting the poor and the deprived. Governments, through ages, world over have been, "For the Rich, By the Rich and Of the Rich". In this book, the author has proved this universal truth, using statistics produced by the RICH! As a corollary, one is tempted to add that laws are legislated to protect the interests of the rich. What other explanation one can find for the 2 percent CSR? A rational bench mark for CSR could be 50 percent or more of surplus income generated by goodworking corporates. That aside, diagnosis of factors stifling efforts to eliminate poverty, improve literacy and provide reasonable universal healthcare and boldly expressing views unpalatable to the establishment will wake up "We The People" and once public awareness about citizens' rights increase, solutions to the problems of the poor and the deprived will emerge, hopefully.
Usually, once one gets celebrity status, great men start speaking the language of the establishment. Here is an exception in Muhammad Yunus.
M G Warrier Thiruvananthapuram



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