Elders, loneliness and society

I found this article (please open the above link) interesting. Someone is talking about several social and family issues affecting elders' attitudes and approach to life.
I was moved by the reference to caregiver who look after someone who needs 24x7 attention, losing opportunity for socializing and later finding himself/herself alone or lonely in society. I personally know some such cases.
Last week, we visited Mrs Menon (name changed). Mr Menon was bed-ridden for long and passed away the previous week. The day we visited (Sunday), Mrs Menon's drawing room was crowded with visitor. Each individual was trying to excel on how Mrs Menon (80 plus and having her share of ailments) can find hobies for timepass, how she should take care of her own health...so on and so forth. When there was a pause, Mrs Menon said:
"My son and arrived from US on second day and after the funeral he left on fifth day because of jobrelated compulsions. This daughter too has to leave tomorrow, as our granddaughter is in the middle of exams. She offered to take me, but i don't want to go. Till last week, I was busy. Now I have nothing to do. What you interpret as relief, has made me alone. Things will settle down. Thanks."

M G Warrier


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