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Quite an agenda: EAC-PM should be realistic about the growth deceleration...

Growth and development

This refers to your editorial “Quite an agenda” (Business Standard, October 12). While deceleration in economic growth or short-term problems in meeting pre-decided targets for inflation or fiscal deficit can be glossed over as temporary pain for long-term gain, ground level realities like hunger and unemployment need immediate attention.

In Global Hunger Index, 2017, India has slipped 3 positions to 100th among 119 nations. Placed behind even North Korea, Bangladesh and Iraq; hunger situation in the country has been rated 'serious'. In such a situation, political or economic jargon or waiting for national level council to provide guidance, may not help. Action has to get initiated from ground level and for that a national consensus and cooperation of state governments become imperative. Here, the cooperative federalism becomes more relevant. GOI has to come out of the temptation to relate content and timing of policies affecting the people to elections. Such an approach affects smooth implementation of policies in the multi-party system. The most recent example of friction arising from national level consensus and divergence in approach when actual implementation started was that of GST.

It is high time Centre took the responsibility to have a Common Minimum Programme acceptable to all major political parties on basic issues of governance such as poverty eradication, minimum wages, literacy, healthcare, local transport systems and law and order.

M G Warrier


S.K.Gupta said…
Dear Sir,

When the political considerations outweigh all 'others' the outcome thereof could be a foregone conclusion. The recent tinkering with some GST rates were perhaps not carried out with any intention to come to the rescue of the affected people but obviously had some political overtones when viewed in terms of its timings. Who knows there may be much more in store when the PM goes to Gujarat on October 16?


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