Govt takes first step on lateral hiring, officers get into a huddle

Govt takes first step on lateral hiring, officers get into a huddle: The Centre has announced its intention to hire domain experts and professionals at the level of joint secretary...

June 11, 2018
Advantage, PPP!

This refers to the report “Centre takes the first step on lateral hiring, officers upset” (Business Standard, June 11). The move is a positive one and it is unfortunate that there is going to be efforts from some quarters, to scuttle it. This initiative should be seen in its right perspective without attributing extraneous motives. Public Sector-Private Sector-Partnership and smooth inter-sectoral mobility of resources including talent are essential for taking the country's development agenda forward.
The selection of just ten disciplines and proposal to recruit just one each at JS level initially talks volumes about the cautious approach of GOI while handling a sensitive subject.
Though initial recruitment is on contract basis (3 to 5 years), as GOI is looking at an age profile of 40 to 45 (15 years experience in the relevant area),  those who take up the challenge seriously and are willing to contribute further should not be denied opportunity by abrupt termination of contracts at their prime age.
The whole process needs to be seen as a natural phenomenon of the present level of economic development and best practices elsewhere in the world. The attrition rate of talent from civil services and statutory bodies in India post-liberalization should be researched and appropriate avenues for cross-migration of talent should be created by appropriate changes in HR policies.
M G Warrier, Thiruvananthapuram   


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