Premature departures

Premature departures
One more eminent economist has found India unworthy for permanent mid-career settlement. Arvind Subramanian is returning "home" cutting short his contracted tenure as CEA by few months. He has done the right thing. When personal/family priorities demand it should be a personal decision about career. Timing is welcome, if he has no extended stay in mind, because GOI will get some breathing time to decide on the new incumbent who will finalize next Economic Survey due to be released in February 19.
Media gossips connecting non-renewal of Dr Raghuram Rajan's contract after his sanctioned leave from Booth University expired or exit of other imported celebrities talk volumes about our willingness to consider long-term deployment of talent offering market terms. Professionals look at "packages" and the benefits from assignments for their future career.
M G Warrier Thiruvananthapuram


sitendra kumar said…
Shri Arvind Subramanian is expecting grand child in September, 2018. This is the personal reason and he is rightly going back.He did an appreciable service while here even though many times whatever he advised to FM was not acceded to. He himself had to overcome bureaucratic hurdles/objections to get his advice accepted.It would have been better had he acted as Secretary, Economic Affairs and Financial Services rather than merely being Chief Economic Adviser.That we he would have put all his ideas into practice. He would have proved a good successor to Dr Raghuram Rajan as well.

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