Governor's role : Gopalakrishna Gandhi
An excellent analysis of Governor's role, Post-SC Verdict this week.

M G Warrier 

My response:                             

July 6, 2018
Governors’ role
This refers to Gopalakrishna Gandhi’s article “Why we need Governors” (The Hindu, July 6). At a time when such balanced analyses of issues branded as ‘politically controversial’ have become a rarity, The Hindu may kindly take the debate forward by inviting contributions from more thought leaders.
Several temporary arrangements made immediately after independence which were of a first-aid nature, remained unattended till the end of last century and got permanency of sorts by the passage of time. The absence of opposition or presence of nominal opposition in the legislatures during the two decades that followed independence affected the growth of democratic institutions in our country. We are also paying the price of keeping the literacy level of the majority of India’s population for several decades.
As rightly brought out in the article, the office of Governor still has a role to play. But a review of Governor’s role ( not just judicial as the Apex Court has done now) beyond the relationship issues in Delhi emanating from the special status, is overdue. Governor should have an appropriate place in the much talked about ‘cooperative federalism’ as an organic link connecting Centre and states. Bluntly put, Governor’s office too should be democratized.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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