Why this Blog?

Why this Blog?
A friend hinted during a telephone conversation that sometimes my messages get repeated in group emails, Facebook and here. He's right. There are some friends who get mails from me and also visit my Facebook page and/or Blog.
But there are a good number of friends/viewers who visit Facebook/Blog but are not members of Exrbites Group where I share mails.
I visit/post at my Blog almost everyday and share the posts at Facebook which I myself visit rarely.
I get a rough idea of the number of people who visit my blog daily from statistics I access. As of now daily pageviews range from 100 to 200 plus and every post is seen by about 30 or 40 viewers. The highest pageviews I received was for an article on RBI Pension Revision : some 1300 plus
This Blog is almost 9 years old and has about 4000 posts.
Planning to reorganize.
M G Warrier


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